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by Mark Rehnborg / Coldwell Banker


“My wife and I owned a 100+ Victorian three-story home listed in the city's Historical Register. A fire destroyed the rear utility room but firemen were able to extinguish the blaze before it did serious structural damage.

“The problem arose when the lath & plaster wall coverings were removed to eliminate smoke contamination. City building codes kicked in with that removal requiring code upgrades to electrical, plumbing and on and on.

“I hired Craig Bagley. The smartest thing I ever did. Craig was the interface with both my second contractor and the city's planning department. He helped control costs, inspected contractor work and developed compromises with the city. Various remodels were also completed with his technical know-how and drawings. Not an easy thing in a building this old. I cannot stress how much he helped on this $2+ million dollar project.”

Frank Kaehler

Santa Cruz

“Craig was our architect for an extensive, circa 1880 Victorian home remodel which included adding a proper foundation to the house, remodeling the existing first floor, adding a second story bedroom suite, raising our existing garage and erecting a 2 story structure that housed a garage as well as an office and workshop. It was not an easy task, and yet we managed to accomplish our goal of gaining needed living space while maintaining the integrity of a home from this era. We knew we were successful when the mailman said ‘if I hadn't seen this go up with my own eyes, you wouldn't be able to convince me that this hasn't always been here.’ Craig was thoughtful and attentive throughout this massive project and we would hire him again for any architectural needs.”

John and Kathy Johnson



“Craig Bagley was the architect for our major home remodel. He helped us make the initial decisions on the realistic scope of the project and what features were our priorities. I was especially thankful for his expertise in shepherding us through what seemed like a very complex permitting process. He handled the subcontracting of the necessary engineering studies that were necessary smoothly. I believe that he worked well with our general contractor.”

Jeff Waldron