We value the protection of our architectural heritage. The challenges of dealing with historic structures are many, and can range from remodeling an historic home to meet a homeowner’s current needs, to restoration and preservation work, where the emphasis is reconstructing and preserving a valued community treasure. A successful project requires a knowledge of history, architectural styles, traditional building materials and techniques and their modern day equivalents, the community context, attention to detail, and how to work with local preservation commissions.

Remodeling an historic home is especially challenging. The home may or may not be officially recognized by virtue of being included in a local historic survey, and it may only be special to you, the homeowner. That feeling of being special is what we look to preserve and enhance. You want a home that respects its past and its history, but that works for you in the present, enhances your quality of life, meets your family’s needs, isn’t a continual maintenance concern that occupies too much of your time and attention, keeps the energy bills down, honors sustainable building practices, and is an expression of your values. Perhaps it needs to be adaptable to a growing family as well. We look to connect the past and the present in ways that are meaningful to you, and enhance your appreciation of both.

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Weeks House restoration

Villa Perla restoration

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Cowell College UCSC

Weeks House Restoration

Santa Cruz

In 2007 a fire destroyed the single story kitchen in the rear of the house, and seriously damaged the interior finishes in the rest of the house. Working with the homeowners, their contractor, and the City of Santa Cruz, Craig Bagley Architect led the effort to restore the building to its former prominence as a beautiful example of Santa Cruz’ Victorian heritage. The project was recognized by the City of Santa Cruz in a special ceremony in May, 2011.

remodeled farmhouse

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