Our work begins with an idea in mind, progresses to a number of sketches, which in turn become a more formal drawing as well as a 3D model, then a construction drawing that someone can build from, and finally building materials assembled on site.

You as the client are a part of this process. Design is a collaborative effort. Your vision comes first, and a successful collaboration requires careful listening to your requirements.

Pre-Design Services

  1. Site Analysis: Exploring the potentials of a site

  2. Programming: Assessing needs, wishes, objectives, budget and time constraints

  3. Zoning and local agency requirements: Preliminary review of Zoning and other Code

  4. constraints

Design Services

Schematic Design: Most often means a series of alternative sketches to test against the

program. Green building recommendations are an integral part of this phase.


Design Development: An approved Schematic Design is developed into a more formal and

detailed drawing set. These drawings are often used for special planning permits or variances. Green building recommendations are once again an integral part of this phase. We can coordinate landscape design if requested. Permit processing is included as needed.

Construction Documents: The approved Design Development drawings are expanded as follows:

  1. Working Drawings: These drawings (traditionally called the “blueprints”) show details, dimensions, and other information required to assist the contractor in preparing a bid or price, as well as to build from. They show shapes, forms, quantities, and the physical relationships of materials. Structural drawings are included at this stage.

    Specifications: These documents describe material and workmanship standards and qualities.

    Bidding Documents: These documents, if desired by a client, explain the rules, time lines, and other conditions specified by the client for receiving bids.

    Permit processing is normally included as needed.

Construction Administration:

This term refers to an architect’s services while the project is being built. These include (but are not necessarily limited to):

Observation of construction

Preparation or review of change orders

Review of contractor’s payment requests

Review of substitutes proposed by the contractor

Project completion inspection

Specialized Services

Master Planning: Master Planning a home? It’s often a useful tool if you want to improve your existing home, but have to do it incrementally over time due to budget constraints. Plan everything now, so all the parts work together, and build out as money becomes available.

Historic preservation: Click for more information

Adaptive remodeling for aging: Adapting a home to people with infirmities or disabilities makes a home more comfortable and livable. This may include provisions for wheelchair access, but can involve a wide range of other adaptive changes in a home.

Seismic retrofits: Strengthening a home to better resist an earthquake. This is mostly structural work, but includes recommendations for dealing with non-structural features of your home, such as furniture and ways to minimize the risk of damage to your prized possessions.

Red tag removal: We can assist you in working with local agencies to remove red tags.

3D modeling: You may wish to have your building modeled in 3D for purposes other than getting it built, such as a finished rendering, or preparing for sale if it’s investment property.


Partial List of Completed Work

  1. 724 California Street, Santa Cruz

  2. 520 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz (Villa Perla)

  3. 519 Cuesta Drive, Aptos (design only)

  4. 97 East St. James Street, San Jose

  5. 526 Middlefield Drive, Aptos

  6. 9500 Empire Grade, Bonny Doon (design only)

  7. 315 Carmelita Drive, Mountain View

  8. Crown Provost House, UCSC

  9. 223 Beachview Avenue, Santa Cruz

  10. 3203 Fairway Drive, Soquel

  11. 2325 Paul Minnie Avenue, Santa Cruz

  12. 750 Via Palo Alto, Aptos

  13. 213 Blueberry Drive, Scotts Valley (design only)

  14. 106 Fairview Avenue, Capitola

  15. 133B Southampton Lane, Santa Cruz

  16. 5392 Chabot Road, Oakland (design only)

  17. 1455 Norman Drive, Sunnyvale

remodeled Victorian

Seacliff remodel