Pre-design Services

Site Analysis: Exploring the potentials of a site

Programming: Assessing needs, wishes, objectives, budget and time constraints.

Master Planning: Working out long-term strategies for facilities growth and maintenance

Feasibility Studies: Analyzing the viability of a proposed property improvement

Cost estimating/scope of work compatibility: Finding a scope of construction work that is compatible with a given budget is a valuable service to public sector facilities managers, and others who might be looking for the best way to allocate money to improve a facility. This is actually a programming function, but is so often required that it deserves special mention. We have extensive experience providing this service.

Zoning and local agency requirements: Preliminary review of Zoning and other Code constraints

Design Services

Schematic Design:Most often means a series of alternative sketches to test against the program.  Simple volumetric studies in 3D may be a part of this, as well as green building recommendations.

Design Development: An approved Schematic Design is developed into a more formal and detailed drawing set. These drawings are often used for special planning permits or variances, or 50% review sets. Green building recommendations are once again an integral part of this phase.You may also wish to include civil, landscape, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings. Permit processing is included as needed.

Construction Documents: The approved Design Development drawings are expanded to completion, including specifications and front end/bidding documents as required. Permit processing is included as needed.

Construction Administration

An architect’s services while the project is being built. These include (but are not necessarily limited to):

Observation of construction

Preparation or review of change orders

Review of contractor’s payment requests

Review of substitutes proposed by the contractor

Project completion inspection

Specialized Services

In addition to the traditional architectural services, we offer a range of specialized services listed below. We are, among other things, facilities specialists, and have served on an “on call” basis to many clients. So we are experienced in serving clients on a long term basis to help them with facilities improvements.

Property management services:

Property enhancement studies

Adaptive reuse studies

Tenant improvements

Survey and inventory of existing facilities

Seismic retrofits

Handicapped accessibility (A.D.A.) retrofits

Green building and energy retrofits

Maintenance troubleshooting

3D Building Information Modeling (BIM): We use state of the art building information modeling software for our architectural drawings. Your project team may include a contractor who needs a building model for its own needs, such as clash detection, or cost estimating and scheduling. We can tailor our architectural model to the needs of the contractor, who can then import the model into its own software. BIM models that serve a number of parties will become the standard in construction in the future.

Design counseling services: It’s a service for realtors and property managers who may have a client looking to buy a property, who wants to know how the building might be remodeled or upgraded in some way. It’s a standalone service, done onsite, taking a half day or less. It provides highly cost effective information for those involved in the transaction. Contact us and we can furnish all the details.

Red tag removal: We can assist you in working with local agencies to remove red tags.

Post occupancy evaluation: Reviewing building performance after it’s built, both qualitatively (occupant feedback) and quantitatively (measuring energy performance, and other performance parameters of the mechanical and electrical systems)

We have served local developers and property managers, as well as numerous public sector clients. Your project will get close personal attention from the principal of the firm throughout all phases of our services. We have served in the traditional role of project architect as well as project manager for many of our institutional clients. We help with everything from maintenance problems to major remodels.

Partial List of

Completed Projects

  1. Soquel Creek Water District Headquarters Remodel

  2. UCSC Student Union Lighting and Restroom Renovations

  3. UCSC Cowell College 2008 Major Maintenance

  4. Const. Management Services: Cabrillo College Building 800 STEM Center

  5. Const. Management Services: Cabrillo College Building 600 Bio/Chem Lab Renovations

  6. Villa Garcia/Villa San Pedro Deck and Stair Repairs

  7. Lenzen Gardens/Cypress Gardens Senior Housing Renovations

  8. Poco Way Apartment Repairs

  9. UCSC Faculty Art Studios

  10. Soquel Creek Water District Administrative Offices Remodel

  11. Cowell College Residence Halls Bathroom Renovations

  12. Live Oak School District New District Office

  13. UCSC Merrill College A and B Dorms Energy Study

  14. UCSC Cowell College Renovations to La Maison Francophone

  15. UCSC Oakes College Apartments Kitchen Renovations

  16. UCSC Merrill College “A” and “B” Dorms Bathroom Renovations

  17. UCSC Granary Porch Replacement

  18. UCSC Cowell College Residence Halls Disabled Access Improvements

  19. UCSC Student Union Restroom and Lighting Renovations

  20. UCSC AIS Offices, Delaware Avenue

  21. UCSC Crown Provost House Deck and Stair Repairs

  22. UCSC Stevenson Academic Builiding Cabling Upgrade

  23. Computerland TIs, Watsonville

  24. T.L. Sprague Company, TIs, Watsonville


UCSC Cowell College Major Maintenance 2008

Poco Way apartment renovations

Lenzen Gardens/Cypress Gardens senior housing renovations

Villa Garcia/Villa San Pedro deck & railing renovations

other UCSC projects